What is "Craft"?

Please give us good input so we can save the term "craft" from abuse, and fill it with purpose and meaning.

Based on feedback, the Exploratory Committee (of the Craft Beverage Association) will form a Board of Directors, during 2014/2015, chosen from the volunteers who help the most during the second half of 2014. This survey is the best way for you and your associates to begin helping.

Please spread the word and help show we don't need to wait many years for the government to do this for us, or grind it through big committees, or let the concept get co-opted. You can spread the word by Tweeting this, other social media, and handing the link to your friends. The link is above and here: www.bevlaw.com/craft-survey.

Based on the responses so far, it should take no more than 10-15 minutes to complete this thoughtfully. We will aggregate the survey data and keep it non-personally identifiable (like Google gathering traffic data) unless you clearly indicate a preference to the contrary (or we get your explicit permission). By the end of July we will summarize the main results at www.bevlaw.com/bevlog.

Thank you,

The Craft Beverage Association
Washington, DC